Rassa Health and Beauty

A Passion for Wellness and Beauty Two entrepreneurs were passionate to find beauty and health solutions at a reasonable price. While they were looking into buying things on the market, they have found different products that are a bit shady and dodgy. They figured, to get the quality that you want for the price that you are willing to pay you have to do the research yourself, talk to the manufacturers directly, and produce the products yourselves.

Amazingly while in the process of doing so, many friends and family members were really supportive of the idea of finally finding products that are suitable for their health and beauty needs. They wanted to preorder products and urge them, to offer them to others since many people might have difficulty in finding those. Because of this overwhelming positive support, the two realized that there was a market for this and thus Rassa was born into the company that it is now.

World-class Quality, Local Brand by Local Entrepreneurs Being globetrotters, the two partners had several ideas from different countries that they wanted to bring to the Philippines, and being Filipinos, having grown up with sets of home remedies they want to share it with the world.

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Visions, Advocacies, and Missions

Health and well-being are at the core of Rassa. When you feel better mentally, physically, and spiritually -- it shows! A person glows and radiates confidence and beauty. And this is at the forefront of Rassa's mission, to be able to help people feel good about themselves.